Quick Review

  • Meat Church – Honey Hog:  Creates a great color and excellent “southern” flavor to the turkey.

  • Hey Grill Hey – Chicken:  Perfect if you’re looking for that traditional flavor.  Heavy on rosemary, thyme, etc.  VERY coarse ground.

  • You can’t go wrong with either

  • Honey Hog:  Not a traditional flavor, for the color it produced, I’d think it was cajun, but no heat.

  • Chicken Rub:  Big chunks might be a turn-off.

Meat Church – Honey Hong vs. Hey Grill Hey – Chicken

Thanksgiving Turkey

Every year we have “Friendsgiving” around here.  None of us have family that is immediately close, so we all get together and appreciate and be thankful for the lives we have.  But this also is always a competition.  Who can make the best turkey?  Oh, and is fried better than smoked? What about those traditional in the oven turkeys?  It’s always a competition that involves more turkey than anyone would ever want to consume.

Before the big day this year, we decided to take the two rubs that we think would make the best-smoked turkeys and put them to the test.  As you can see below, they are both winners… In the end, it depends on what style turkey you’re going for.

Hey Grill Hey – Chicken

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Meat Church – Honey Hog

14oz – $10.25
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Meat Church – Honey Hog:  The color on this turkey was absolutely phenomenal.  It’s what you want, dark brown, almost reddish in color.  The flavor was great as well.  Honey Hog sounds like it should be a sweet flavor but in the end, it wasn’t over the top sweet, actually the perfect amount for a turkey that tends to be a little bland.  If you’re looking to have something a little different than you’re average flavored turkey this should be your go-to.  It looks Cajun style, but it has none of those flavors, just a good mellow sweet that creates a good crispy skin that’s very appealing to the eye.  This rub lets the turkey shine through.

Hey Grill Hey – Chicken:  When I think of turkey I think of all of those good big pieces of herbs.  Rosemary and thyme and garlic, big chunky pieces that you don’t find at a BBQ joint or from the deli at the grocery store.  I think turkey is somewhat bland so I like those big chunks of flavor on the outside.  This rub has that good ol’ traditional taste and it’s great.  One of the tasters said that he doesn’t like the big chunks but the flavor was so good that he is going to use this rub on Thanksgiving but grind it up before applying, not a bad idea.

No clear winner between these two.  It really does just come down to what flavor profile you’re going for!