Quick Review

  • This has been my goto heavy beef rub for years.

  • Very heavy and strong black pepper.

  • Very low in sugar (if any).  Not heavy on salt.

  • Have had complaints that it’s “spicy” due to black pepper.

  • Too bad the restaurant isn’t as good as the rub!

Salt Lick – Orginal

Beef Short Ribs

If you’ve been around the BBQ scene for long you’ve probably seen a picture of this pit:

And if you haven’t now you have!  This is the Salt Lick out in Driftwood, TX.  It’s a massive bbq restaurant that probably serves 1,500 people on a busy weekend.  So that picture is just for show, they probably serve what you see there in an hour.  Now, I will admit, I’m not a fan of their food, but man do they make some good BBQ Sauce (it’s a mustard type sauce) and their rubs are killer.

They only have two, Original and Garlic and they are both GREAT, the only difference between the two is literally garlic.  The rub is too heavy for chicken or pork in my opinion, but when it comes to beef, this is what I automatically think about using.

Salt Lick – Orginal 

12oz – $9.50

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