Quick Review

  • Great cajun style with a touch of heat, wings should have spice right?!

  • The combination of flavors is great, not too salty, not too overbearing.

  • A spicy season-all would be a great description

  • Too much smoke and the flavors disappear

  • I would prefer a little more garlic

Meat Church – Holy Voodoo

Chicken Wings

Oh, how do you start off talking about Meat Church’s Voodoo?  I mean, it’s an internet phenomenon, a day doesn’t go by that you don’t see someone on social media talking about how they made freaking Oreos, wrapped in bacon, topped with Voodoo.  Or someone that made a pork butt with a mixture of Voodoo and Honey Hog.  It’s popular for a reason.

I’m literally calling this rub my spicy season all. And guess what, it goes great on wings.

14oz – $9.95

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So, I shouldn’t start this off negatively.  I’ve used this rub in a lot of situations.  From ribs, wings, brisket, pork shoulder.  Everything.  I’ve found that the flavor of this rub gets lost with heavy smoke.  So I don’t like it on anything that is slow smoked.  On the opposite end, you throw it on some poppers, wings, chicken it’s going to be a great treat.  Not a lot of sugar so you don’t have to worry about it burning quickly even if you’re cooking at a higher temperature.