Quick Review

  • Bold garlic & black pepper

  • Perfect on beef ribs

  • Not much sugar = less burning

  • Too bold for poultry/turkey/seafood

  • Very heavy on garlic (if you don’t like garlic, do not try this)

Lambert’s – Roasted Garlic

Cross Cut Beef Ribs

Ah, cross-cut beef ribs.  One of my most challenging cooks, as simple as they are.  They’re the perfect poolside snack, and they’re perfect on the beach.  You can make them taste like Korean barbeque all the way to a miny morsel of brisket.  This cook was my first cook with a Lambert’s rub, and it’s left me wanting to try the other rubs of theirs that we carry.

Lambert’s is a very well known BBQ joint in Austin, TX, and I can see why after trying this rub on these little 3 bone beef ribs. There’s clearly a heavy garlic flavor that is offset by a pretty good amount of black pepper.

Lambert’s – Roasted Garlic

11.2oz – $10.25

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One of my arguments with cross-cut beef ribs is that if you cook them fast, the rubs burn, and you get the end pieces that are almost burnt, but the middle tastes pretty dang good.  So when it comes to these (if I’m not doing Korean style), I grab the Salt Lick Garlic.  Like this rub, it doesn’t have much sugar, but it does seem to burn easier than this Lambert’s rub.

For now, when I grab a rub for some cross-cut beef ribs, I’m going to be grabbing this.