Quick Review

  • Great on Pork Ribs (duh)

  • The bark is almost hard candy-like, yum.

  • Just the right amount of sugar, not too sweet

  • Not bold enough for beef ribs

  • For the flavor profile, would like to see more black pepper

Chupacabra – Ribnoxious

Pork Spare Ribs

I’m a fan of Chupacabra rubs, always have been.  This is one of the first rubs when I go looking for something to throw on some pork spare ribs.  It creates this bark that is hard to explain, but let me try.  You know those crunchy candy exteriours that once you get through that thin hard layer it’s nice and soft under?  This rub creates that kind of park and it’s incredible.  It doesn’t add much color other than your typical dark brown, black.. but the texture is incredible.

Chupacabra – Ribnoxious

11.5oz – $9.95

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Chupacabra has a huge influence here in South/Central Texas, and there’s a good reason for it.  They turn out some good rubs, and this one is no different.  At the point of writing this, we’ve had two rib rub showdowns, and this one came in first and third (I believe the third place was either due to too little rub or just a rack of ribs that didn’t perform).

The flavor profile on this one is not subtle but not overbearing, with a tad bit of savory and a tad bit of sweet. We haven’t figured out why (maybe the massive amounts of MSG), but it produces juicier ribs than the majority of other rib rubs we’ve been experimenting with.