Quick Review

  • Might be the ultimate steak rub

  • Big coarse ingredients.

  • Butter? Yes, that’s butter I taste

  • Nothing negative, sorry, it’s my favorite for steaks

  • It only goes good on steak, although people claim beef fajitas!

Bolner’s – Uncle Chris

$5 Filet Steaks

So I’m laughing as I keep typing $5 filet.  I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures of the steaks before I cooked them; or before we devoured them.  I really wasn’t planning on posting this online as it was just a quick weeknight meal.  I’m sure I’ll have to do another post with proper documentation.  I just felt that I needed to show how well this Uncle Chris’ seasoning is until I have time to do that.  I mean, I don’t know Chris, but his steak seasoning is incredible.

It literally smells like butter, and that flavor stays with the steak throughout the cook.  I don’t care if you’re a quick and direct cooker or reverse sear. The great flavor never goes away.

Look at the video and pictures below, look at the parsley/green herbs even after the steak is cooked.  This is good stuff!

Bolner’s Uncle Chris’ Steak Seasoning

5.5oz – $4.25

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I’m a mostly salt+pepper guy when it comes to steak, heck even brisket at that.  But this just does something to a steak that you will keep coming back to.  It turned those $5 steaks into what you’d pay for a steakhouse steak at lunch.

There aren’t really any negative points about this seasoning, other than I personally wouldn’t use it on anything but a steak.  There’s plenty of people that claim it’s great on beef fajitas, but I have my favorites in that department and I don’t think this flavor profile goes with tex-mex.